In memory of the 500,104 Americans who have lost their lives from Covid-19

Let’s work together to bring an end to these tragedies!

February 23, 2021

CW Horizon

Face Masks Made in USA

CW Horizon strives to provide class-leading solutions in our industry. Our team has extensive experience in manufacturing, healthcare, as well as research and development in various fields. Each member of our team brings value to CW Horizon and we believe that is seen best in our ability to provide not only high-quality products but excellent service as well. 
This year, communities have struggled to be able to find products that would be able to keep families safe from illness, and health care workers continue to struggle to get basic personal protection equipment (PPE) needed on the job. Being able to provide critical products to keep people healthy and safe is something we have never taken lightly. 
To ensure that our customers get the best possible quality and the fastest delivery, CW Horizon manufactures our high quality face masks right here in Minnesota, USA, with capacity of more than 25 million units annually.